Let’s Think Design is a one evening conference on the subject of Design Thinking.

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  • 17/09/2015

  • 19:00

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Let’s Think Design wants to bridge the gap between the creative industry and the business industry. Raising topics about the value of design, about the economic and cultural impact, about innovation and how design collaborates with technology.

Let’s Think Design is an initiative of Creative Network & Wonderland. Tickets are 50 Euro, drinks included. Let's Think Design is made possible with the support and sponsorship of ING Bank. 

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Below are the speakers and a bit of an introduction on their topics for the evening.

Rahul Lindberg Sen, Lead Growth Designer at Spotify

Make your product excel in long, lasting relationships with users — not just one night stands. Aspire for users to have anniversaries with them, not just random dates. This session will discuss digital products and how to design them for lasting Growth. It will discuss a Product’s Growth Funnel but also draw inspiration from romantic relationships — movies, literature and our own life — to shape a more humane Relationship funnel for the design of digital experiences.

As a manager of a small, multi-faceted team, he ensure the designers have the right creative direction, space and process in place to make Spotify an ever more innovative and desirable product to use. As a designer, he works on select Innovation projects. These projects typically are more visionary in nature, where the team is encouraged to think outside the box or several steps ahead of the current product to invent that which does not exist yet.

Prior to this, he was an Experience Design Director at R/GA (New York) where he worked across the Nike ecosystem - Commerce, Brand and finally Nike+ . At the time of leaving R/GA, he was an experience design lead on the Nike+ Web/Platform team.

Over the past 10 years, he has lived and worked in the USA, Sweden, India, France and Germany for global brands like Nike, Microsoft, HP, Nokia, Spotify, Maquet, GE Healthcare, Proctor and Gamble, Roche and Huawei.

Susan LK Gorbet, Design strategist, educator, facilitator and artist

Susan has been mentoring organizations on integrating design and business thinking over the past years. She will give us a yet simple but astonishing introduction into the topic of Design Thinking. How can we use creativity from a business perspective and how can we facilitate it in a very practical way? Starting from very important questions to ask ourselves related to this topic, Susan will inspire us with new theories, tools and methods.

Susan mentors organizations on integrating design and business thinking. Most recently, she has developed a transformative program to bring design thinking and facilitation to the sales arm of a Fortune 50 software company. She holds a Master of Design from OCADU's Strategic Foresight and Innovation Program, and she has both studied and taught experience design, strategic foresight, design thinking, facilitation, creative thinking, innovation, design process and improvisation.

Susan has been transforming cutting-edge technology into compelling experiences since the early ‘90s. In Toronto, she co-founded an art & design firm that creates connections between people and ideas by building large-scale interactive installations. Susan spent many years designing software in Silicon Valley where, after graduate research at Stanford, she evangelized experience design at Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Excite@Home and Snapfish.

Bart Van der Roost, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Neoscores

Winning the award of start-up of the year, we could not imagine someone who has been working more user-centred than Bart and his team. How do you start from a real problem or opportunity and build a business around it, while never putting the user outside of the centerpoint of your organisation? Bart will guide you through his obstacles, his biggest learned lessons and talk you through the things you definitely need to focus on if you want to put design thinking and the user central in your organisation.

Neoscores is a web application that allows musicians to safely download, use and share sheet music.

He is a music and information technology aficionado turned entrepreneur. What drives him in his musically-inspired entrepreneurial endeavours? “Music is like a lifelong disease: once you’ve been bitten, there is no way to get rid of it. Not that I mind – it’s addictive and I never want to go cold turkey! I work to make a living, but I live for artists and music.”

A ticket is 50 Euro and includes drinks.

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