Worlds Colliding: connecting design, business & engineering

3 jaren geleden door Rutger Bevers

Co-founder , Conversation Starter

  • KBC toren, Schoenmarkt 35, Antwerpen

  • 08/09/2015

  • 19:00

  • Ticket vereist

Startups need complementary people. That's why Start it @ KBC is bringing designers, engineers and business developers together at our next networking event: Worlds Colliding!

Get your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/worlds-colliding-hosted-by-conversationstar...

Using Conversation Starter, participants will make highly relevant connections:
-What are you looking for? Or - what expertise can you offer? Conversation Starter gathers the answers and publishes them for all participants to see.
- When you are interested in a request or offer, a single tap sends an invitation to meet.

The following entrepreneurs will share their experiences in design, business and technology:
- Karim Slaoui & Jean-Christophe Libbrecht (co-founders Take Eat Easy): recently raised 6 million from Rocket Internet.
- Geert Houben (CEO Cubigo & Google Blackbox Connect participant): how to design software for the elderly?
- Filip Roose (co-founder Orillia, Director at Belgian Bitcoin Association): why Bitcoin is relevant for more industries than just finance.

- Tuesday September 8, 19h00
- KBC tower Antwerp, 10th floor
- Free pizza and drinks

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