Bouw mee aan het perfecte Freelance Netwerk

3 jaren geleden door Marilyne Peeters

Student , Universiteit Antwerpen

The project: The Perfect Freelance Network

The Perfect Freelance Network is a research project, a collaboration between the University of Antwerp and Bundl, innovation engine ( The goal of this research is to explore why freelancers collaborate in a network and what drives them to do so? There are quite some human factors that are shaping these collaborations such as: ambition, fun, experience, learning curve,... Those drivers go far beyond the financial motivation of working together. We organized a very interesting workshop with Antwerp finest freelancers last month and now we are ready to share our created survey based on scientific literature and our workshop. It would be very helpful if people like you, passionated freelancers, fill in our survey and share them so we get as much as possible respondents for our further research. Let's create a perfect freelance network!

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