Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference on the subject of Design & Creativity.

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Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference (held multiple times a year) on the subject of Design & Creativity.

Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events we let established creatives talk about their work next to young & upcoming talent.


• Tom Hautekiet, graphic designer www.kiet.eu

• Maarten van de Voorde, architect West 8 Belgium www.west8.nl

• Harald Dunnink, founder and creative director of Momkai and co-founder and creative director of De Correspondent. www.momkai.com www.decorrespondent.nl

Tom Hautekiet, graphic designer

Tom Hautekiet was born and raised in Antwerp and has been working as a graphic designer since 1997. He devises identities, graphics for expositions and festivals, posters, packaging, books and graphics for television. His work has been published in several books and magazines around the world.

He used to be a member of the theater group De Kakkewieten and was co-founder of the mambo-orchestra El Tattoo del Tigre.

In 2013 he founded KIET, the design studio where he works together with Tom Suykens. KIET works for several organisations and companies such as Rock Werchter, De Roovers, VRT, MAS, Het Paleis and some unique publishers.

He talks about trying to be normal among weird friends and family, his late blooming as a cyclist, the importance of ‘cool’ and explains the word ‘wearability’. 

Harald Dunnink, designer/creative director

Designer Harald Dunnink (1981) is the founder and creative director of Momkai and the co-founder and creative director of De Correspondent.

It is always his aim to design both intuitive, elegant digital experiences and strong, simple brands. For international clients as well as for self-initiated projects. As lead designer on ventures like Red Bull Studios, Nalden.net, De Correspondent, and Lowdi.

In 2002 Harald founded Momkai, an independent, creative agency with the ambition to conceptualise, design and develop innovative projects that truly inspire, inform and interact. Its direct clients on global digital projects include Bugaboo, Red Bull, Nike and the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB). The studio is based in Amsterdam and co-owned by Sebastian Kersten, CTO and initiator of Momkai’s framework.

The 25-strong team is proud of the fact that the quality they strive for is recognised by international juries including the Red Dot Design Awards, Webby Awards and the European Design Awards.

De Correspondent is an online journalism platform that is author-centered and ad-free. It was initiated by philosopher Rob Wijnberg and co-founded together with Dunnink, Kersten and publisher Pfauth. It launched after raising a world record in journalism crowd-funding. Momkai is responsible for the platform, the brand, and all major campaigns.

As a child, Harald’s energetic mother of German origin dragged him all over the world, instilling in him a continuous need to explore multiple perspectives. His Dutch father’s entrepreneurial ways encouraged him to found his company right out of college, after starting his career the old fashioned way; as a paperboy at age 12.

Maarten van de Voorde, architect

Born in Asse, Belgium, Maarten van de Voorde attended Architecture school at the Architecture Institute Saint-Lucas in Brussels, after graduating in 1998 he joined West 8 urban design & landscape architecture.

From the outset Maarten expressed a great interest in the broader field of architecture and his work explores the subtle transitions between architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and industrial design. Using raw, pure, tactile and natural materials to create robust and timeless designs, Maarten’s work is driven by functionality, durability and delight.

By understanding the contemporary urban landscape as a primarily artificial environment, Maarten together with the office West 8 has been able to create groundbreaking public places, and to instigate the multi-dimensional evolution of the designed and un-designed. Such an approach integrates ecology, infrastructure, cultural contexts, building programs and people themselves in a playful and engaging manner in order to encourage the public to understand and take ownership of spaces.

As Director of West 8 Brussels, Maarten currently leads a variety of high profile public space projects, such as the competition winning design for the redevelopment of ’t Zand in Bruges, Belgium. Furthermore Maarten is intensively involved in design of architectural objects, such as bridges and product design. His sharp insight for technical problem solving combined his practical business logic has resulted in a broad portfolio of realised design works.

Maarten van de Voorde also acts as a visiting professor at various universities, such as St. Lukas, School of Arts in Ghent and the Delft Technical University.

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Monty, Montignystraat 3, Antwerpen


Presentations start at 19.30. Doors open at 19.00.

All presentations are in English.

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