Let's Think Design

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  • 01/06/2017

  • 15:00

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Let’s Think Design wants to bridge the gap between the creative industry and the business industry. Raising topics about the value of design, about the economic and cultural impact, about innovation and how design collaborates with technology.

Our goal is to create a design thinking orientated culture in Belgium. Let’s Think Design is an initiative of Creative Network, Wonderland & Made.

Let's Think Design = 3 Inspiring top speakers + 4 Breakout sessions (choose one breakout, limited capacity)


Thomas Lockwood, PhD​ (US)

Nathan Waterhouse (UK)

• Oli Shaw (UK)


Behavioural Design. Hosted by Made.

Business Design. Hosted by Wonderland.

Novelty Production. Hosted by RBLS.

HR / Talent innovation. Hosted by Designtalent.

More info on the speakers & the breakouts on the website

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Antwerpen POM Provincie Antwerpen Winkelhaak Universiteit Antwerpen Antwerp Management School Karel de Grote-Hogeschool Sint-lucas EFRO Europese Unie