Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference on the subject of Design & Creativity.

2 jaren geleden door Timothy Helmer

  • Kattendijkdok Oostkaai 21, 2000 Antwerp

  • 23/06/2016

  • 19:00

  • Ticket vereist

Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. At our events we let established creatives talk about their work next to young & upcoming talent.

Let’s Talk Design is an initiative of Creative Network. Doors open at 19.00. The first speaker starts at 19.30 and we end around 22.00 for drinks. All lectures are in English.

Speakers: Going East  /  Atelier NL  /  Geoffrey Brusatto  /  Pinkeye 


Pinkeye is a Belgium based award winning design studio. We put creativity at the center of the design process and strongly believe in cross-inspirational influences between different creative talents.

Our studio is a place where graphic, interior and product designers collaborate. The result: creative and commercial success in projects ranging from logo design, packaging and interior to product design for both multinationals and challengers. From concept development to implementation, pinkeye makes it happen for clients such as Timberland, Komono, Coca-Cola, MAC Cosmetics, Duvel/Moortgat, Douwe Egberts, Eskimo,...

Geoffrey Brusatto

Geoffrey Brusatto started working freelance on different graphic projects in 2004 and opened his graphic studio BRUSATTO, located in Hasselt, in 2007. Besides working for a mostly cultural clientele he teaches graphic design at the Hasselt PXL-MAD faculty. His passion for books (design) culminated in a PhD research project about the formal aspect of the book and its place in current (digital) society. After contemplating an architect or product design study, his passion turned out to be graphic design, yet a tactile and dimensional influence can still be found in his work. His pure and typographic design ethos is driven by a thirst for creative liberty within a well-defined structure, where concept leads form. Defined as minimal classic with an edge he enjoys the design process, but always with "labore et constantia"!

Atelier NL

The work of Atelier NL translates the convergence of environment, history, and human experience into objects and systems that enrich everyday life. Atelier NL uses design as a method to reveal hidden informational patterns and stories that lie beneath the mundane. By researching and rearranging what already exists, Atelier NL touches on what it means to be human in an ever-evolving world.

Going East

Going East is a team of young (interior)architects and craftsmen who design and build every project. Our work is a proces of dialogue, crazy imagination, sketches, materials studies and traditional skills.

In everything what we bring, we try to interfere with our immediate environment. We work carefully with limited resources. We choose for honest and pure materials.

We create our interiors and furniture with the most precious consideration of time, space, people and materials. We always try to develop unique settings for our clients. That's the essence of Going East.

Practical information

Born in Antwerp HQ. Kattendijkdok-Oostkaai 21, 2000 Antwerpen

Presentations start at 19.30 and end around 21.45. Doors open at 19.00 and close at 23.00.

All presentations are in English. A ticket is 25 Euro, Students get a 5 Euro discount.


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