BICSI Technician Job Description

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BICSI Technician Job Description -

The BICSI technicians install and maintain a complex Network Cable Infrastructure. The technician will address client data and cable networks requirements. They investigate every kind of building of automation systems. They must possess demonstrable technical knowledge about the ICT cabling. Additional responsibilities include:

Responsibility for vendor-neutral cabling systems, resulting in high-quality infrastructure installations.

Keeping abreast of the rapid changes in the technology world such as installation techniques and connectivity solutions

Adapting installation techniques used by the management to make it easier for the administration.

Employing industry standards and best practices, resulting in a uniform, durable and high-level system performance.

Conducting installation process in compliance with the industry standards.

Planning and understanding the entire scope of the assigned project.

Playing an active role to implement the best codes, standards, and practices to harmonize the standards.

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